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Nucleare, oggi il 30esimo anniversario del disastro di Chernobyl
... was the first ever nuclear power plant built on Ukrainian soil. ...000 "liquidators" received high doses of radiation, averaging ... Soon after the explosion an exclusion zone with a radius of 30 ...
AG ilVelino - 1 mese fa

Brussels 2016: Towards surreal terrorism
... just a few days after stating that "There is no reason why bombs ... But the truth is that at such high levels of journalism, that ... In keeping with the ever-more successful surreal Western tradition, ...
Megachip - 1 mese fa
Karak, the hospital where Christians and Muslims work side by side
... for Christian and Muslim doctors to work together looking after ...been collaborating with Caritas Jordan and the United Nations High ...no idea what is going to happen to them or whether they will ever ...
La Stampa - 1 mese fa

Captain America Civil War: prime reazioni al film!
...in Civil War is probably the best superhero action scene ever. - ... We did see one after the credits scene but Marvel usually holds ... Captain America: Civil War a letdown after the high of Winter ...
CineFilos - 1 mese fa

Netflix: i contenuti migliori per bambini
...riuscita a conquistare anche gli utenti italiani, ... Dragon Games: Ever After High . È arrivata anche ...
DireDonna - 1 mese fa

ECB open-minded about more rate cuts, chief economist says
...from one of the ECB's most senior official came a week after the ... mainly originating from the emerging markets, high market ...monetary policy cycle between major advanced economies will become ever ...
La Repubblica - 2 mesi fa