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AUSTRALIAN OPEN - Sara Errani fuori in lacrime: ritiro dopo un set per ...
Sara scoppia in un pianto a dirotto, inutile anche il medical time-out, l'azzurra è costretta al ritiro. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.
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The solitary genius is a myth. We need to work together be assembled in orbit and to date has been visited by ...make use of its research laboratories to improve our understanding of the ... or somewhere closer to home, we see time and again the power of ...
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Rolf Harris fan says he groped her on Saturday Superstore
... who was 13 at the time, told the jury at Southwark Crown Court she was left 'shocked and traumatised' by the alleged attack by Rolf Harris on New Year's Eve 1983.
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Obama defies criticism over freeing Chelsea Manning
Obama defies criticism over freeing Chelsea Manning (Di mercoledì 18 gennaio 2017) Obama ordered that Chelsea , who went by the name Bradley at the time of the crime, be released on May 17, 2017, cutting her jail time down to more than six years instead of 35.
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#Berlinale2017 Il programma della sezione Forum
The Time of the Yakurunas) by Alvaro Sarmiento, Diego Sarmiento, Peru Shu'our akbar min el hob ( A Feeling Greater than Love) by Mary Jirmanus Saba, Lebanon somniloquies by Verena Paravel, Lucien ...
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Quake relief effort going well says Mattarella
"Each time I speak to local mayors they express their appreciation and satisfaction at the work being done by Italy's civil protection agency," he said. The quake-hit area along Italy's mountainous ...
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Fourth earthquake rocks central Italy
...quakes on Wednesday struck between 10.25 and 11.25 am local time ... the institute said. There was fresh damage to buildings in ... which was devastated by a deadly quake last August and two strong ones ...
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Bad weather hampers rescued mother and baby's journey to hospital
The operation is continuing by road," Italy's fire brigade said in a tweet at 17.15 pm local time. Rescuers pulled the woman and her baby boy alive from building that had collapsed in the ...
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Rafael Reif, President of MIT: laws must not block progress
...lose their jobs or establishing ethical rules at the right time. ... The truth is that writing laws before the technologies are ... Rafel Reif Born in Venezuela in 1950, and an electrical engineer by ...
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MUSIC, PAOLO BONOLIS / Seconda puntata, ospiti e diretta: Benji e Fede ...
... il brutto e il cattivo, The Ecstasies of Gold. ...alla cantante cosa ne pensa degli uomini italiani: "...una forma di frenesia quasi isterica è 'Stand by ...cosa ascolteremo invece più tardi in prime time a ... - 13 ore fa